2003 Colorado State
Armwrestling Championships

Presented by the United States Armwrestling Association and Colorado
Armsports. Members of United States Armsports.
Sanctioned by the American Armsports Association.
Held at Eck's Saloon. Lakewood , CO. Sept. 27, 2003

Total entries - 134

Head Referee: Leonard Harkless.
Referees: Gaylon Russell, Cliff Hall, Rick Cisneros.
Scorekeepers: Denise Wattles, Mary McConnaughey.

Boys/Girls 0-4 - 1st. Robert Penrose, 2nd. Skylar Horvath, 3rd. Justin Rapp,
4th. Austin Hanel.

Boys/Girls 5-6 - 1st. Joe Jorgenson, 2nd. Jacob Fanger, 3rd. Brandon Rapp,
4th. Jonathan Penrose.

Girls 7-9 - 1st. Jessica Jorgenson, 2nd. Shelby Hascall, 3rd. Tyler Simpson,
4th. Haley Williams.

Boys 7-9 - 1st. Jacob Saunders, 2nd. Brady Balderston, 3rd. Mitch Williams,
4th. Derek McConigal.

Girls 10-12 - 1st. Jessie Worden, 2nd. Olivia Fanger, 3rd. Kaylon Russell.

Boys 10-12 - 1st. Ian Mckenzie, 2nd. Tyler Evans, 3rd. Josh Fanger,
4th. Jessie Balderston.

Girls 13-15 - 1st. Jenny Kesler

Boys 13-15 - 1st. Jose Jimmez

Girls 16-18 - 1st. Andrea Paul, 2nd. Jenny Kesler, 3rd. Azuerae Alexander.

Boys 16-18 - 1st. Andrew Harkless, 2nd. Jose Jimmez.


Men's Novice Right 0-154 - 1st. Corey Miller, 2nd. Chris Rapp, 3rd. Lenny
Lockert, 4th. Rick Shovald.

Men's Novice Right 155-176 - 1st. David Evans, 2nd. Ryan Miller, 3rd. Matt
Reitzer, 4th. Nick Smiley.

Men's Novice Right 177-198 - 1st. Mike Kelly, 2nd. Chris Donato, 3rd. Chris
Rapp, 4th. Rob Collins.

Men's Novice Right 199-220 - 1st. Dave Franklin, 2nd. Stephen Holmes.

Men's Trophy Class Right 0-132 -  1st. Chad Sands

Men's Trophy Class Right 133-154 - 1st. Scott Huston, 2nd. Zack Kegby, 3rd.
Rick Kelly, 4th. Lenny Lockert.

Men's Trophy Class Right 155-176 - 1st. Keith Powers, 2nd. Kevin Fanger, 3rd.
David Evans, 4th. Ryan Miller.

Men's Trophy Class Right 177-198 - 1st. Larry Ermini, 2nd. Gaylon Russell,
3rd. Troy Easton, 4th. Anthony Spallinger.

Men's Trophy Class Right 199-242 - 1st. Trulane Vannatta.

Men's Trophy Class Right 243+ - 1st. John Kondratow, 2nd. Trulane Vannatta,
3rd. Bret Freeman.

Men's Trophy Class Left 0-176 - 1st. Keith Powers, 2nd. Kevin Fanger, 3rd.
Chris Rapp.

Men's Trophy Class Left 177-198 - 1st. Ken Penrose, 2nd. Mike Kelly, 3rd. Rob

Men's Trophy Class Left 199+ - 1st. Dave Franklin, 2nd. Jeff Ames


Women's Trophy Class Left 0-143 - 1st. Margie Worden, 2nd. Candy Horvath.

Women's trophy Class Left 144+ - 1st. Mary McConnaughy, 2nd. Andrea Paul.


Men's Open Right 0-154 - 1st. Scott Huston, 2nd. Eddy Burgos, 3rd. Chad

Men's Open Right 155-171 - 1st. Chris Chandler, 2nd. Keith Powers, 3rd. Jose
Estrada, 4th. Robert Guernsey.

Men's Open Right 172-189 - 1st. Chris Chandler, 2nd. Emlyn Williams, 3rd.
Dean Sain, 4th. Jeff Ames.

Men's Open Right 190-209 - 1st. Eric Wolf,  2nd. Emlyn Williams, 3rd. Dean
Sain, 4th. Larry Ermini.

Men's Open Right 210-231 - 1st. Brad Balderston, 2nd. Brent Rogge, 3rd. Jeff
Ames, 4th. Robert Horvath.

Men's Open Right 232+ - 1st. Matt Girdner, 2nd. Brad Balderston, 3rd. Cliff

Men's Open Left 0-171 - 1st. Chris Chandler, 2nd. Keith Powers, 3rd. Eddy

Men's Open Left 172-209 - 1st. Rich Simpson, 2nd. Chris Chandler, 3rd. Brent
Rogge, 4th. Dwayne Hanel.

Men's Open Left 210+ - 1st. Matt Girdner, 2nd. Fred Mckenzie, 3rd. Dwayne

Women's Open Right 0-132 - 1st. Margie Worden, 2nd. Kelli Holmes, 3rd. Candy

Women's Open Right 133-147 - 1st. Margie Worden, 2nd. Andrea Paul, 3rd.
Rhonda Hanel.

Women's Open Right 148+ - 1st. Mary McConnaughey, 2nd. Margie Worden, 3rd.
Christine Russell.

Men's Right Overall - Matt Girdner

Men's Left Overall - Matt Girdner

Women's Right Overall - Mary McConnaughey

Best Sportsmanship - Lenny Lockert

Colorado Armsports Hall of Fame 2003 - Brad Balderston



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