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Haleyís Corner
Armwrestling Tournament 


Haley's Corner Armwrestling Championships

Nov 1st 2003

Sponsored by Great Lakes & Haleyís Corner

Menís Right 0-150: Rob Mackenzie, Steve Casselman, Adrian Desmarais
Menís Right 151-175:
Neil Looker
, Jeremy Johnston, Dave Bois
Menís Right 176-200:
Joe Mohavolich
, Neil Looker
Menís Right 201+:
Mike Gould
, George Gottschalk, Rick Heidebrecht, Joe Gould, Mike Clark

Menís Left 0-175: Neil Looker, Jeff Hewitt, Dave Bois, Rob Mackenzie, Adrian Desmarais
Menís Left 176+:
Mike Gould
, Joe Gould, Neil Looker, Gus Bush, Rick Heidebrecht

Ladies Right 0-150: Cecillia Tyndall, Diane Hamann
Ladies Right 151+: NO ENTRIES


Menís Open Right Hand $100 Champion: Mike Gould



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