Armwrestling in Australia

Armwrestling is a small but rapidly growing sport in Australia. Australia was represented for the first time at the World Championships in Gdansk, Poland in December 2001. There were around 800 competitors from 29 countries at these championships. The Australian Armwrestling Federation is the governing body for the sport in Australia and was formed in March 2001. The AAF is affiliated with the World Armwrestling Federation. It is the mission of the AAF to develop armwrestling as a sport in Australia using WAF sanctioned rules and weight divisions. The AAF is looking to promote tournaments in all states to qualify competitors for National Championships and to send teams to international events including World Championships and possibly the Olympic games.

Armwrestling is a sport for both men and women. There are weight divisions for both right and left handed and is a combination of strength, technique, speed and psyche. The AAF is currently looking for promoters, sponsors and state representatives to help put on competitions in various regions. The AAF will provide help for any promoter in the way of rules, equipment, refereeing and tables. Schooling for competitors in technique is available. Referee clinics are available for people wishing to become qualified referees. The AAF encourages anyone interested in armwrestling to contact us to be included on our mailing or email list. Information will be forwarded regularly to everyone on this list. If you'd like to be informed of upcoming events send us your name, address, or P.O. Box 924, Sutherland, NSW 1499 AUSTRALIA.



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