Arnold Classic Armwrestling Challenge 2005
Arnold Fitness Expo - Columbus, Ohio
March 5th & 6th
Tournament Directors - Denise Wattles & Leonard Harkless


Pro Right 0-154:
 Bryon Thomas, IN/ Simon Berriochoa, CA/ RJ Molinere, LA/ Flori Dutra Jr., Brazil

Pro Right 155-176:
George Iszakouits, Canada/ James Smith, AR/ Chris Chandler, WY/ Anthony
Dall-Antonio, Canada

Pro Right 177-198:
Mike Selearis, NY/ Don McClary, CA/ Bill Sinks, VT/ Bryan Johnson, MT

Pro Right 199+:
Travis Bagent, WV/ Marcio Barboza, Brazil/ Harold Owens, IN/ Shawn Turner, VA

Ladies Right 0-143:
Tamara Mitts, Canada/ Karen Cooley, MI/ Karen Curavoo, VT/ Tony Wood, AR



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