Prize money for Arnold announced



In each division

1st    $800

2nd    $600

3rd    $400

$4th    $200


     The following Armwrestlers have qualified to attend and participate in the largest Fitness Expo being held in the United States! Under the direction of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lorimer Production the Arnold Classic Armwrestling Challenge will be a huge thrill for all those that attend. There were over 80,000 in attendance at the Arnold Fitness Classic in 2003 and there will be many more in 2004. In addition to Armwrestling there are bodybuilding competitions, cheerleading competitions, weight-lifting, and many other contests being held over the weekend of March 4-7, 2004.  The tournament is being held at the Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio.

ďArnold Classic Armwrestling ChallengeĒ Weight Classes:

Menís Right Hand Only: 0-154, 155-176, 177-198, 199+. Ladies Right Hand: 0-143 pounds.

     You will be competing in one of the above listed weight divisions along with the others that have qualified.

Menís Right Hand 0-154:

Gabe Accardi, MA/ Jerry Avants, LA/ Devin Bair, WY/ Simon Berriochoa, CA/ Perry Bruhm, Canada/

Joel Christianson, Canada/ Andrew Conley, Canada/ Vern Martel, Canada/ R.J. Molinere, LA/ Michael Shaloub, MA/ Rick Steffens, ID/ Engin Terzi, Turkey

Menís Right Hand 155-176:

Jarod Cash, ID/ KC Cates, OR/ Chris Chandler, WY/ Scott Chmielewski, CT/ Kenny Hughes, CA/

George Iszakouits, Canada/ Bernie Lemay, Canada/ Mike McGraw, CA/ Chad Silvers, SC/ Chris Smith, Canada/

James Smith, AR/ Randy Weaver, CA

Menís Right Hand 177-198:

David Bieler, OR/ Jason Black, Canada/ Steven Broad, Canada/ Fritz Corry, SC/ Lee Ecclesfield, CA/

Scott Fleming, MO/ Herman McCoy, OR/ Eric Peterson, OR/ Michael Selearis, NY/ Michael Todd, AR/

Dan Whittle, OK

Menís Right Hand 199+:

Travis Bagent, WV/ Marcio Barbosa, Brazil/ Mike Bowling, OH/ Greg Boyes, Canada/ Brian Brandon, CA/

Georgi Bregnadze, NY/ Len Houghton, Canada/ John Ruggerio, NY/ Bob Shaffer, CA/ Don Underwood, MO/

Earl Wilson, Canada/ Eric Woelfel, CA

Ladies Right Hand 0-143:

Karen Cooley, MI/ Judy Dodd, CA/ Susan Fischer, PA/ Rhonda Hanel, NE/ Jennifer Hoffert, CA/

Gerrie McGraw, Ca/ Tamara Mitts, Canada/ Megan Reynolds, NV




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