1998 North American Armwrestling Championship
Montana Bar - Deer Lodge, Montana


Amateur Left 0-154: Randy Kinney, Id./ Nick Mertins, Mt./ Kubilius Romualdus, Lithuania
Amateur Left 155-176: Doug Arnold, Fl./ Corey Cortez, Mt./ Mike Garcia, Mt./ Mark Tweedie, Mt.
Amateur Left 177-198: Duane Fredrick, Mt. /Corey Cortez, Mt./ Mike Garcia, Mt./ Mark McArthur, Mt.
Amateur Left 199+: Casey Szparaga, Fl./ Duane Fredrick, Mt.

Ladies Amateur Rt 0-121: Stacy Nicholson, Mt.
Ladies Amateur right 144+: Stacy Nicholson, Mt./ Crystal Nicholson, Mt.

Mens Amateur Rt. 0-132: Nick Mertins, Mt./ Mike Powell, Mt.
Mens Amateur Rt. 133-154: Dustin Christensen, Mt./ Randy Kinney, Id./ Mark McArthur, Mt.
Mens Amateur Rt. 155-176: Rich Christian, Mt./Corey Cortez, Mt./ Doug Arnold, Fl./ Nick Lund, Mt.
Mens Amateur Rt. 177-198:Duane Fredrick,Mt./ Rich Christian, Mt./ Doug Arnold, Fl.
Mens Amateur Rt. 199-242:Casey Szparaga, Fl./ Doug Arnold, Fl./Ron Ouldhouse,Mt./Brant Pierson,Mt.
MensAmateur Rt. 243+:Casey Szparaga, Fl./Robert Prescott, Mt./ Glen Maddox, Mt.

Amateur Team Champions: "The Mixers"

Mens Amateur Left Hand Overall Champion: Dyane Fredrick, Helena, Mt.

Ladies Amateur Right Hand Overall Champion: Stacy Nicholson, Anaconda, Mt.

Mens Amateur Right Hand Overall Champion: Casey Szparaga, Pt. St. Lucie, Florida

Amateur Best Sportman Award: Pat Intintoli, Anaconda, Mt.

Mens Novice Rt. 0-154:Randy Kinney, Id./ Don Beck, Mt.
Mens Novice Rt. 155-176: Doug Arnold, Fl./ Mark Tweedie, Mt./ Randy Kinney. Id.
Mens Novice Rt. 177-198: Doug Arnold, Fl.
Mens Novice Rt. 199+: Casey Szparaga, Fl.

Mens Pro Left 0-154: Paul Knightly, Canada/Dobbs Pressley, Or./Jason Silver, Mt./Blaine Lawrence, Wy.
Mens Pro Left 155-176:Marty Anzik, Mt./Ryan Hutchings, Ca./Aida Paleskis, Lithuania/Tom Garland, Mt.
Mens Pro Left 177-198:Marty Anzik, Mt. /Lance Pentland, N.D./Dave McElroy, Mt./Gene Anderson, Mn.
Mens Pro Left 199+:Len Houghton, Canada/D.J.Pentland, Mt./Gordon Pierson, Mt./James Austin, Mt.

Ladies Pro Rt. 144+: Carrie Merritt, Mt./Mistry Ruttenbur, Mt./Jo Ellen Biggers, Mt.

Mens Pro Rt. 0-132:Dobbs Pressley, Or./Mark McArthur, Mt./Shayne Lawrence, Wy./Mike Powell, Mt.
Mens Pro Rt. 133-154:Paul Knightly, Canada/Rick Steffens, Id./Jason Silver, Mt./Brody Tripp, Id.
Mens Pro Rt: 155-176: Ryan Hutchings, Ca./Marty Anzik, Mt./Aida Paleskis, Lithuania/Tom Garland, Mt.
Mens Pro Rt. 177-198: Marty Anzik, Mt./Justin Finney, Id./Lance Pentland, N.D./Bill Jacobsen, Mt.
Mens Pro Rt. 199-242:D.J. Pentland, Mt./Brian Ludwig, Mt./Casey Szparaga, Fl./James Austin, Mt.Mens Pro Rt. 243+:Len Houghton,Canada/D.J.Pentland, Mt./Gordon Pierson, Mt./Shane Hansard, Mt.

Professional Team Champions:"United Arms"

Mens Professional Left Hand Overall Champion:Len Houghton, Canada

Mens Professional Right Hand Overall Champion: MArty Anzik, Butte, Montana

Professional Best Sportsman Award: Sigitas Paleskis, Lithuania



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