Condolences from the Armwrestling community around the World.


Dear Dave,

Just wanted to drop you a line to say how sorry we all are and that our thoughts are with you all at this most tragic and sad time. It seems unbelievable that such a disaster can even happen. Our prayers are with all those that have lost their loved ones, families and friends. 

Kind Regards 

David Shead


 Dear Sir,

We are deeply shocked at the recent attacks on the strategic targets of
USA by terrorists we condemn this act as most inhuman and barbaric. Our hearts go out to the people of America at this time of Crisis. We sincerely hope for your welfare and expect to hear from you soon.

Please accept our heart felt condolences and we pray to the Almighty to give you the strength at this hour of Crisis.


Umesh Kumar


Hello Mr. Devoto,

At first place I want to offer condolence about brutal act of terror at your

I hope that this would never happen again.

Tzvetan Gashevski


Dear Devoto


We are so sorry for terrorism attacked on U.S.A., and we pray for victims.
We wish the terrorisms get their lessons a.s.a.p.



 Dear People,

Please accept our condolences! Here in Russia people do feel your great
pain. But don't give up because life goes on. We pray for you.



 Dear Friends,

In the name of the WAF, EAF and the armwrestling families, I would like to send you and to all the American’s peoples all ours support in this big and horrible proof.  God bless America and we would like to make something to help your nation.  Let know everyone that we never accept that kind of terrorist and the sport will be one factor of peace and friendship all over the world.  We apologize for those barbarians who did no respect for innocent humans.

I hope that you did not lose anybody of yours families and friends.
Accept our condolences for your nation.


Deneumostier Willy
WAF’s general secretary


To my Dave Devoto

Respected sir really was shocked and felt very sad to hear and see the tragedy in America. It was very inhuman act and my deep condolence for the families who has lost their love ones. Here in India all the people share the pain.


Hashim Reza Zabeth
Indian arm wrestling federation


Dear Dave
Vi siamo molto vicini, nel vostro dolore,
in questo particolare momento.
Sentite condoglianze:Valentina,Andrea Gianluca.
a tutto il mondo sportivo dell'armwrestling, a tutta la Nazione Americana.\


Dear Dave,

Vi there are many neighbors, in your pain, this particular moment. Felt condoglianze:

Valentina, Andrea,  Gianluca.

 to all the sport world of the armwrestling, to all the Nation American.



 Many thanks to our friends.




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