Al Turner, by Jim Drysdale


I read a lot of stories about Al. I met Al when I was 16 bowling in a traveling league. We became friends about 2 years later long before he went to Scranton Penn and won his first armwresting competition. Someone saw an article about World armwresling tournament and told Al about it. They told Al if you go and bring back a trophy we will buy you drinks for a year. Well Al at the time I met him didn't
drink maybe at one time but had quit long before I met him. Al had never worked out at this time, just shear raw strength he processed. He went to Penn won all the matches. He showed me the trophy I would stop by and visit both him and his wife Barbara. I think he thought armwresting was easy He found out the hard way it wasn't. The next tournament he lost But a man named Ralph Raymond took a liking
to Al and invited him to his home in N.H. to show Al the basics of working out for this sport."Ralph Raymond was a power lifter and friend of Paul Anderson World Power
Lifting Champ" Al than developed his own routines in how to work out. Buy the way Bill Cox says Al could do a 217 lb table curl at 60 years old.I know Al's personnel best
was 223 lbs. I seen him do about 200 lbs and curled it 10 times counting weights,bar and collars. I also have a picture I took of that which I sent to Dave Devoto.

Sincerely Jim Drysdale






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